Friday, January 6, 2017

Developing Librarian Competencies for the Digital Age

Coghill, Jeffrey G. and Roger G. Russell. Developing Librarian Competencies for the Digital Age. Rowman & Littlefield, 2017. ISBN: 978-1-4422-6444-1

What kinds of library skills are needed for the librarian of today to grow and thrive, now and into the future?  This collection of essays explores this question from the context of medical librarianship, but provides a broad perspective that is applicable across all fields of librarianship.

Table of Contents 
  1. Foundations and history of the profession / Jeffrey G. Coghill and Roger G. Russell
  2. Information resources and collections / Joseph Thomas and Yunting Fu 
  3. Organization of knowledge and information / Sarah W. Sutton and Mira E. Greene
  4. Communication skills, marketing, IT skills, and teamwork / Carenado Davis, Michael Tucker, Jeffrey G. Coghill, and Roger Russell
  5. Reference and user services / Meghan Hupe, Susan Bridgers, and Lisa Blackwell
  6. Research skills and competencies necessary for librarians in the digital age / Kerry Dhakal, Karen Stanley Grigg, Irene Machowa Lubker, and Kristen L. Young
  7. Current and future trends for supporting online and distance education / Amy Blevins, Katy Kavanagh Webb, Christine Andresen, and Megan B. Inman
  8. Strategic and innovative: health sciences library leadership, management, and administration / Jean Shipman and M.J. Tooey
  9. Core competencies across the profession / Beverly Murphy and Shannon D. Jones
  10. The library and the future: patrons' view of the library / Anna Ercoli Schnitzer and Merle Rosenzweig.