Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Stellar Customer Service: Training Library Staff to Exceed Expectations

Stellar Customer Service: Training Library Staff to Exceed Expectations

Chakraborty, Mou. (ed.) Stellar Customer Service: Training Library Staff to Exceed Expectations. Libraries Unlimited, 2016. ISBN: 978-1-4408-4076-0


This book presents innovative instructional methods that will inspire you to take a fresh approach to customer service training. It offers model staff training programs, suggestions for improvement at all levels of personnel, and guidelines on how to assess training needs.

Table of Contents

1. Customer Service Training: Advice from the Business World 
2. Creating a Comprehensive Training Plan for Better Customer Service Experiences in Your Library
3. Cultivating an “Always Say Yes” Attitude without Causing Chaos and Confusion 
4. Instilling a Service Focus in Student Workers 
5. Secret Shopping and Training Mini Detectives 
6. Using Volunteers to Expand the Walls of the Library: Books for Wider Horizons at Oakland Public Library
7. Customer Service Training in an Academic Technical Library 
8. A Prescription for Creating a Culture of Customer Service
9. More Libraries, More Opportunities for Customer Service Training 
10. Designing the Customer-Centric Library Culture: MPL’s Customer Service Revolution as a Case Study in Design Thinking
11. Library Reality TV: Using Improv Techniques to Transform Your Approach to Customer Service 
12. Providing Stellar Interlibrary Loan Service to Borrowing Libraries and Your Own Local Patrons: It’s All About Sharing 
13. Providing Remarkable Customer Service and Resources across a Healthcare System
14. Values-Based Customer Service: 21st-Century Customer Service for Public Libraries? 
15. Give a Pickle, Get a Smile! Sweet, Isn’t It?