Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Digital Curation, Second Edition

Oliver, Gillian and Ross Harvey. Digital Curation. Second Edition. Neal-Schuman, 2016. ISBN: 978-0-8389-1385-7

A great resource for librarians, archivists, or records managers, this revamped and expanded edition is filled with up-to-date best practices. Topics covered include:
  • key requirements for digital curation, from description and representation to planning and collaboration;
  • the value and utility of metadata;
  • considering the needs of producers and consumers when creating an appraisal and selection policy for digital objects;
  • the paradigm shift by institutions towards cloud computing and its impact on costs, storage, and other key aspects of digital curation;
  • the quality and security of data;
  • new and emerging data curation resources, including innovative digital repository software and digital forensics tools;
  • mechanisms for sharing and reusing data, with expanded sections on open access, open data, and open standards initiatives; and
  • processes to ensure that data are preserved and remain usable over time.

Table of Contents

Part I: Digital Curation: Scope and Incentives
1    Introduction
2    The Changing Landscape
3    Conceptual Models
4    Defining Data

Part II: Key Requirements for Digital Curation
5    Curation and Curators
6    Description and Representation Information
7    Preservation Planning and Policy
8    Sharing Knowledge and Collaborating

Part III: The Digital Curation Lifecycle in Action
9    Designing Data
10    Creating Data
11    Deciding What Data to Keep
12    Ingesting Data
13    Preserving Data
14    Storing Data
15    Using and Reusing Data