Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Transmedia Storytelling

Hovious, Amanda S. Transmedia Storytelling: The Librarian's Guide. Santa Barbara, CA: Libraries Unlimited, 2015.
ISBN: 978-1-4408-3848-4

"Transmedia storytelling takes the traditional art of storytelling to a whole new level, delivering a fictional story across multiple media platforms -- whether physical, digital, or both -- to create a truly immersive storytelling experience" (p. 3).

Publisher's Description
This practical and thorough guide offers clear explanations of what transmedia storytelling is and shows how it can be integrated into library programming that fosters multimodal literacy with K–12 learners.

When fictional worlds are brought to life in multiple media—via books and comics or through films, animated shorts, television, audio recordings, and games—it is called "transmedia storytelling." Transmedia storytelling offers children's and teen librarians at public libraries, K–12 school librarians, and educators an effective method for bringing story to youth—a perfect fit for today's media-saturated environment. This book demonstrates how to create new pathways to the future of stories and storytelling.

The book serves as a guide to integrating transmedia storytelling into library programs and services. It defines transmedia storytelling, identifies the key connections between it and 21st-century learning, discusses the role of librarians and libraries in supporting and promoting transmedia storytelling, and provides concrete examples of transmedia programs. The suggested programs—ranging from transmedia storytimes for early literacy learners to maker programs for young adults—can be implemented with different levels of technology capabilities and within numerous library settings. In addition, the book offers practical advice on technology planning for libraries that plan to incorporate transmedia storytelling.

  • Offers the first practical guide to transmedia storytelling that gives librarians new ways to create excitement in the library, engage learners, and foster multiple literacies
  • Provides complete, step-by-step guidelines for transmedia-rich library programs
  • Introduces new areas of research and best practices in technology integration wholly applicable to libraries
  • Covers topics such as new literacies, participatory storytelling, learning through gamification, maker programs, using digital badges to motivate young learners, and more