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Creating Leaders: An Examination of Academic and Research Library Leadership Institutes


Herold, Irene M.H. (ed.). Creating Leaders: An Examination of Academic and Research Library Leadership Institutes. Association of College and Research Libraries, 2015. ISBN: 978-0-8389-8763-6


Table of Contents
Maureen Sullivan

Irene M.H. Herold

PART 1: A Program for All Types of Academic Libraries

CHAPTER 1. Leadership Institute for Academic Librarians
Anne Marie Casey

PART 2: Programs for Specific Types of Academic Libraries

CHAPTER 2. The American Theological Library Association’s Creating the Leaders of Tomorrow Program
Leland R. Deeds and Miranda Bennett

CHAPTER 3. Help for New College Library Directors: College Library Directors’ Mentor Program
Irene M.H. Herold

CHAPTER 4. HBCU Library Alliance Leadership Institute
Monika Rhue

CHAPTER 5. Investing in the Future: Examining the NLM/AAHSL Leadership Fellows Program
Jeff Williams and Jennifer McKinnell

PART 3: Programs for ARL and Large Research Libraries

CHAPTER 6. ARL’s Leadership Career Development Program for Underrepresented Mid-Career Librarians
Jon E. Cawthorne and Teresa Y. Neely

CHAPTER 7. A Year of Discovery: Leadership Development at the Library of Congress
Catherine Dixon and Karen B. Walfall

CHAPTER 8. Big Place, Big Challenges: ARL’s Leadership Fellows Program
Ann Campion Riley

CHAPTER 9. Leadership and Fellowship: The UCLA Senior Fellows Program
Marianne Ryan, Kathleen DeLong, and Julie Garrison

PART 4: Programs for Multiple Types of Libraries

CHAPTER 10. Developing Practical Library Leadership Skills: The Sunshine State Library Leadership Institute
Rachel Besara
CHAPTER 11. The Stanford Institute: A Brief California Experiment
Vicki D. Bloom

CHAPTER 12. Minnesota Institute for Early Career Librarians from Traditionally Underrepresented Groups
Trevor A. Dawes

CHAPTER 13. Growing Our Own: A Regional Leadership Challenge
Melissa Jadlos

CHAPTER 14. Taking Flight at Snowbird: Reflections on a Library Leadership Institute
Shellie Jeffries

CHAPTER 15. Riding Tall: Experiences with the TALL Texans Leadership Institute
Martha Rinn

PART 5: Programs that Include Librarians among the Participants

CHAPTER 16. The Women’s Leadership Institute: Developing Library Leaders
Carolyn Carpan

CHAPTER 17. “Playing at the Big Table”: Betting on Transformative Change and Collaboration at the Frye Leadership Institute
Adriene Lim, Vivian Lewis, and Neal Baker

CHAPTER 18. The HERS Institute Experience: Designing the Path Forward
Lois K. Merry

PART 6: Findings and Conclusions

CHAPTER 19. Findings
Irene M.H. Herold

CHAPTER 20. Creating Leaders: Lessons Learned
Irene M.H. Herold