Friday, September 11, 2015

Protecting Patron Privacy

Beckstrom, Matthew. Protecting Patron Privacy: Safe Practices for Public Computers.
Santa Barbara, California : Libraries Unlimited, An Imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC, 2015. ISBN:
From the publisher
Protect patron privacy and safeguard Internet usage using this how-to manual for creating a secure environment in your library. You'll learn how simple changes to your policies, procedures, and computer settings can ensure a private and safe research space for users.

In a world where almost anyone with computer savvy can hack, track, and record the online activities of others, your library can serve as a protected haven for your visitors who rely on the Internet to conduct research—if you take the necessary steps to safeguard their privacy. This book shows you how to protect patrons' privacy while using the technology that your library provides, including public computers, Internet access, wireless networks, and other devices.

Logically organized into two major sections, the first part of the book discusses why the privacy of your users is of paramount importance, explains the applicable laws and regulations related to patron privacy, and delves into the mechanics of security breaches on public computers. The second half outlines the practical steps you can take to preserve the rights of library visitors by working with computer and mobile device configurations, network security settings, and special applications.

  • Offers clear, practical instructions on how to better ensure privacy in the library
  • Traces the history of libraries providing privacy to their patrons
  • Includes simple examples of programs, browser changes, and procedural changes that libraries can use
  • Introduces the way that the Internet and browsing works
  • Covers federal and state laws governing privacy issues

Foreword by Barbara Jones
Chapter 1: Privacy and How It is Lost
Chapter 2: Staff Procedures and Policy
Chapter 3: Patron Education
Chapter 4: Network Security and Devices
Chapter 5: Windows Settings and Applications
Chapter 6: Browser Settings and Plug-Ins