Friday, November 21, 2014

. The Readers’ Advisory Guide to Historical Fiction

Baker, Jennifer S. The Readers’ Advisory Guide to Historical Fiction. Chicago: American Library Association, 2015. 026.8088381 Baker   ISBN 978-0838911655

Whether set in ancient Egypt, Feudal Japan, the Victorian Age, or Civil War-era America, historical fiction places readers squarely at the center of fascinating times and places, making it one of the most popular genres in contemporary publishing. The definitive resource for librarians and other book professionals, this guide

  • Provides an overview of historical fiction s roots, highlighting foundational classics, as well as covering the latest and most popular authors and titles
  • Explores the genre in terms of its scope, style, and appeal
  • Includes lists of recommendations, with a compendium of print and web-based resources
  • Offers marketing tips for getting the word out to readers

Emphasizing an appreciation of historical fiction in its many forms and focusing on what fans enjoy, this guide provides a fresh take on a durable genre.