Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Creating a Streaming Video Collection for Your Library

Duncan, Cheryl J. and Erika Day Peterson. Creating a Streaming Video Collection for Your Library. Rowman & Littlefield, 2014. ISBN: 978-0-8108-9318-4

This book will serve as a key reference and source of best practices for libraries adding streaming video titles to their collections or for any library that is already offering streaming video. Since this is a relatively new area of collection development, this book will help libraries and video vendors establish consistent guidelines, licensing models and workflows.

Table of Contents 

Chapter 1 Selection
Section 1.1 Individual Titles
Section 1.2 Subscription Packages and Purchased Collections
Section 1.3 Independent Film Distributors and Major Studios
Chapter 2 Licensing
Section 2.1 Right to Digitize Content
Section 2.2 Acquiring a Streamed File
Section 2.3 Hosted Content
Section 2.4 Consortia
Section 2.5 Receipt & Payment
Chapter 3 Non-Licensed Content
Section 3.1 Videos on the Web
Section 3.2 Copyright, Fair Use, and the TEACH Act
Section 3.3 International Copyright Laws and National Treatment
Chapter 4 Access
Section 4.1 Vendor Platform Implementation
Section 4.2 Digitization and Streaming
Section 4.3 Content Systems and Discovery Tools
Section 4.4 Accessibility
Chapter 5 The Media Server
Section 5.1 Streaming Digital Media Files
Section 5.2 Factors to Consider
Section 5.3 Hosted Solutions
Section 5.4 Setting Up a Local Server
Chapter 6 Metadata
Section 6.1 MARC (AACR2 and RDA)
Section 6.2 Dublin Core
Section 6.3 METS
Section 6.4 MODS
Section 6.5 MPEG-7
Section 6.6 MPEG-21
Section 6.7 PBCore
Section 6.8 VRA Core
Chapter 7 Administration
Section 7.1 ERM
Section 7.2 Class Use and Course Reserves
Chapter 8 Support
Chapter 9 Evaluation
Section 9.1 Use Statistics
Section 9.2 User Feedback
Section 9.3 Vendor Assessment
Chapter 10 Future
Additional Resources
Appendix A Frequently Asked Questions
Appendix B Sample License
Appendix C FAQ for Patrons
Appendix D Suggested ERM Fields
Appendix E Checklist for Troubleshooting
Appendix F Vendor List