Friday, September 19, 2014

The Personal Librarian: Enhancing the Student Experience

Moniz, Richard and Jean Moates (eds.) The Personal Librarian: Enhancing the Student Experience. ALA Editions, 2014. ISBN: 978-0-8389-1239-3

The personal librarian is a flexible concept that focuses on customizing information literacy by establishing a one-on-one relationship between librarian and student from enrollment through graduation. In this book the editors, with decades of library instruction and academic library experience between them, and their contributors
  • Define personal librarianship and trace how it has developed within the broader context of the work that librarians do
  • Demonstrate its radical potential to impact student learning, retention, and graduation rates
  • Discuss how the concept relates to embedded librarianship and academic library liaisons, and the role of faculty and staff
  • Illustrate how personalization can be supported by academic support centers, IT services, Student Affairs, and other college and university departments
  • Use case studies from a variety of institutions to show how to develop and implement a Personal Librarian program
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Where Did Personal Librarian Come From: An Historical Underpinning
Richard Moniz
Chapter 2 - Personal Librarian: Development and Implementation of the Idea
Jean Moats
Chapter 3 - Information Literacy and Personal Librarian
Joe Eshleman
Chapter 4 - Embedded Librarianship and Personal Librarian
Valerie Freeman
Chapter 5 - Academic Library Liaisons and Personal Librarian
Jo Henry
Chapter 6 - Personal Librarian: What Special Libraries and Businesses Have to Show Us
Jean Moats and Richard Moniz
Chapter 7 - Personal Librarian: What We Can Learn from Other Departments
Richard Moniz
Chapter 8 – Personal Librarian: A Faculty Perspective
David Jewell
Chapter 9 – Personal Librarian: Practicalities and Best Practices
Richard Moniz
Chapter 10 – The Future of Personal Librarian
Joe Eshleman