Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Researching Prospective Donors: Get More Funding for Your Library

Hammerman, Susan Summerfield. Researching Prospective Donors: Get More Funding for Your Library. Chicago: ALA, 2014.  025.110973 Hamme   ISBN 978-0838912294

Individuals, not government sources or foundations, are the largest source of giving in the United States. Right now your community has individuals ready to become enthusiastic donors to your library. But how do you find the most likely prospective donors? Hammerman, a successful prospect researcher, gives library directors, fundraisers, and board members all the tools they need to research individuals and their wealth. This straight-talking guidebook:

·        Describes how to identify and research prospects using existing or easy-to-find resources, including publicly available information on individuals' wealth and assets:

·        Spells out what information about a prospect is most important, such as previous charitable donations, hobbies, interests, and memberships in clubs or other organizations

·        Provides worksheets to document findings so the research can be used effectively for fundraising

·        Shows how to establish a confidentiality policy and securely store information on prospects

·        Includes an annotated bibliography of fundraising resources

Using the strategies outlined in this valuable book, your library's fundraising staff can focus their time and attention on the best donors and potential donors in your community.