Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Booklist's 1000 Best Young Adult Books since 2000

Engberg, Jillian, and Ian Chipman, eds. Booklist’s 1000 Best Young Adult Books since 2000. Chicago: ALA, 2014.
ISBN: 978-0-8389-1150-1

Publisher's Description
With the explosion in YA publishing, it’s harder than ever to separate good books from the rest. Booklist magazine’s editors’ deep and broad knowledge of the landscape offers indispensable guidance, and here they bring together the very best of the best books for young adults published since the start of the 21st century. Drawing on the careful judgment of expert YA librarians, this book
  • Includes a foreword by best-selling YA lit authority Michael Cart, who demonstrates how we have entered a new golden age of books for young adults
  • Collects reviews which showcase the most stimulating contemporary YA titles
  • Features an essay in each section, grouped by genre, presenting an overview and examining relevant trends
  • Indexes selections by author, title, and genre for handy reference
The thoughtful professional review coverage for which ALA’s Booklist is known makes this volume an ideal tool for YA readers’ advisory and collection development.

Table of Contents
Foreword, by Michael Cart
Preface, by Gillian Engberg and Ian Chipman
Young Adult Fiction, 2000–2013
Going Batty over Going Bovine, by Ian Chipman
Contemporary Fiction
Graphic Novels
Historical Fiction
Mystery and Suspense
Speculative Fiction
Young Adult Nonfiction, 2000–2013
One-Fifth of the Pie and Growing, by Gillian Engberg
Social Sciences
Appendix: Top 50 YA Books, 2000–2013