Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What You Need to Know About Privacy Law

McCord, Gretchen. What You Need to Know about Privacy Law: A Guide for Librarians and Educators. Santa Barbara, CA: Libraries Unlimited, 2013. ISBN: 978-1-61069-081-2
Publisher's Description
U.S. privacy laws are confusing and hard to interpret. This book provides clear, substantive guidance to educators who work with minors in these rapidly changing, technological times.

Privacy is now an area of major concern as the use of social media, web beacons, tracking cookies, webcams, GPS-based cell phone tracking, and other 21st-century technologies increasingly proliferate. Educators who work with all ages of students have specific responsibilities to safeguard the students' personally identifying information. Protecting students' privacy is particularly critical in the case of minors. Unfortunately, U.S. privacy law is a mystifying patchwork of federal and state laws. Authored by an experienced attorney who specializes in copyright and privacy law, this book overviews laws pertinent to educators and explains how to recognize, analyze, and handle privacy issues as they arise in specific situations in the educational context.

The information in this work is critically important for anyone working in the educational arena, from professors, classroom teachers, and aides to librarians at all levels and administrators. The book's contents will also help parents to recognize situations that might implicate their child's privacy rights and provide parents with the appropriate steps to follow to work with the school to protect their child.

• Addresses the complicated topic of privacy law and specific issues for pre-K–12 educators in an easy-to-read, accessible manner
• Supplies valuable resource lists for staying current with ever-changing law and issues in privacy law
• Organizes and presents information in a fashion that enables readers to think critically and make independent analyses of their specific environment

Sample Topics
Bullying and Privacy Issues
Identity Protection and Theft
Privacy and Sexuality Issues for Minors
Privacy Conflict
Privacy in the United States
Search and Seizure in the Online Environment
Social Media
Student Safety