Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Serving Grandfamilies in Libraries (book)

Gough, S., Feehan, P., & Lyons, D. (2013) Serving Grandfamilies in Libraries: A Handbooks and Programming Guide. New York: Scarecrow Press.

Gough, Feehan, and Lyons have taken everything learned from their research on developing GrandFamily Resource Collections and leading grandfamily programming in several states and put it in this easy to use guide. They share the successes and failures of existing programs so other librarians can hit the ground running rather than trudge through a time-consuming and costly period of trial-and-error. It’s a lot more efficient to learn from someone else’s mistakes than to make your own.

The target population, grandfamilies, and most specifically, grandparents raising grandchildren have become a statistically-significant group worthy of attention in many communities but library practitioners may not have explored further due to a lack of resources and money.

Special features include:

  • List of Web resources (government agencies, support groups, etc.)
  • List of grants and funding opportunities
  • Sample grant applications
  • List of possible community partners for the library
  • Sample surveys or some tactic for getting to know the needs of one’s target population
  • Sample marketing plans
  • Sample promotional materials
  • Sample activity sheets
  • Sample release forms, etc.

With this practical and comprehensive guide, your library will be ready to jumpstart or easily expand a stellar program for the grandfamilies in your community. (book description)