Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Teddy Bear Storytimes (book & CD)

Yousha, L. (2009) Teddy Bear Storytimes: Ready-to-Go Flannel and Magnetic Storyboard Programs That Captivate Children. New York: Neal Schuman. 978-1555706777.

Let Teddy Bear and his enchanting adventures ignite a lifelong love of reading in young children. Complete with storytelling guides, dramatization tips, easy-cut-out patterns, and enrichment activities, on-the-go librarians can focus more on storytime and less on time-consuming research and preparation. Yousha uses a proven approach to early-childhood programming through recognizable, recurring characters and interactive narratives. Vibrant stories and patterns will turn your flannel or magnetic storyboard into a magic board that will captivate young library patrons.

This brand new storyboard book includes a variety of engaging and educational Teddy Bear tales, including learning to be a good sport and a good friend and Teddy Bear vacations and holidays, all with child-friendly titles like “You’re Never Too Young to be a Hero,” “Finding the Perfect Pet”, and “Let’s Make Some Noise”. Yousha also recommends additional books to read aloud that extend each chapter’s theme. The companion CD-ROM offers easy viewing, sharing, and printing of the patterns needed for characters and scenery, a bonus for busy teachers, librarians, especially those who work in multiple locations. (book description)