Friday, December 2, 2011

Small Public Library Management

Pearlmutter, Jane and Paul Nelson. Small Public Library Management. Chicago: ALA, 2012. 025.197 Pearl ISBN 978-0-8389-1085-6

Anyone at the helm of a small public library knows that every little detail counts. But juggling the responsibilities that are part and parcel of the job is far from easy. Finally, here s a handbook that includes everything administrators need to keep a handle on library operations, freeing them up to streamline and improve how the organization functions. It s packed with practical advice and numerous checklists for

· Preparing budgets, writing financial reports, and working with the library board

· Simplifying workflow through effective delegation

· Collection development, including tips for effective weeding

· Launching initiatives and outreach programs, such as adult literacy programming and homework help centers

Tales from the Field offer real-world perspectives from library directors across the country. From finance and HR to collection development, policy, and programming, this resource puts ready-to-use information at your fingertips.