Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pre- & Post- Retirement Tips for Librarians

Smallwood, Carol, ed. Pre- & Post- Retirement Tips for Librarians. Chicago: ALA, 2012. 646.7 Pre ISBN 978-0-8389-1120-4

Retirement holds many questions for librarians. Smallwood s volume offers insight, inspiration, and tips for those already retired as well as those thinking about retiring. A raft of veteran librarians, financial advisors, and other experts address

  • Planning for retirement, and how to leave things in good shape for those continuing your work
  • The pros and cons of taking early retirement, including financial considerations
  • How to stay connected to the profession after leaving the job by engaging in part-time work and through professional related activities
  • Second careers, community volunteering, travel, staying healthy, budgeting, and other post-retirement activities and concerns
This book helps librarians navigate a smooth passage into retirement.