Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Technology Trends in Libraries: Tools, Skills, Staffing and Training

Technology Trends in Libraries: Tools, Skills, Staffing and Training. Host, Pam Klein; presenters, Eric Lease Morgan and Marshall Breeding. College of Dupage, 2010. DVD.

This is a recording of the teleconference that was broadcast by the College of DuPage as part of the Library Futures: Staying Ahead of the Curve series on April 9, 2010. Running time is 90 minutes. The target audience is librarians in public and academic libraries.

Description on DVD:
"By providing information, strategies and educated forecasts, this program helps you to stay ahead of the technology curve. More than a showcase of the latest gadgets and apps, this teleconference discusses technology as the fundamental driving force behind evolving services, best practices and new attitudes that shape the face of librarianship. We examine specific emerging technologies, not just to criticize or recommend, but to analyze their uses in the current library environment and their potential as harbingers of the future."