Monday, June 21, 2010

Running a Small Library

Moorman, John A. ed. Running a Small Library. New York: Neal-Schuman, 2006. ISBN 1-55570-549-9. 025.1 Runni

Written for librarians, paraprofessionals, and volunteers who may be part of the limited staff--or, indeed, the only staff--in a library, this manual provides very basic explanations and advice. Part 1 covers the challenges faced in different kinds of libraries--college, community college, special, public, and school--that have few resources. The sections that follow cover budgeting, public service, collection development, and computers and automation. Augmenting the text are numerous examples of forms, policies, and other items. The volume concludes with lists of vendors, professional organizations, and more, plus a bibliography. Whether the reader is a new librarian who is starting his or her first administrative position or an experienced librarian who wishes to improve management skills, this manual should prove useful.