Monday, November 24, 2008

Teens, Technology, and Literacy (book)

Braun, L.W. (2007). Teens, technology, and literacy; Or, why bad grammar isn't always bad. WestPort, CT: Libraries Unlimited.

Braun shows teachers, administrators, and librarians how to incorporate today's technologies into the development of literacy skills. The author backs up the grammar used in IMs and text messaging by explaining how these technologies promote better literacy in the classroom. She takes readers through literacy as it has been defined in the past and how it is being redefined for 21st-century learners. She also provides ideas for hands-on experience for using the new technologies in libraries or classrooms by giving links and examples of technology in action and its relationship to literacy. While the screen captures are blurry, Braun provides the link below the screen to view the actual site. Additional resources and uses for all the new technologies discussed are appended. This book is a must for most collections. (School Library Journal June 2007)