Friday, November 7, 2008

Booktalking Bonanza (book)

Diamant-Cohen, B. & Levi, S.K. (2009). Booktalking bonanza: Ten Ready-to-use multimedia sessions for the busy librarian. Chicago, IL: American Library Association .
NOTE: When I browsed through this book I didn't like how it was organized, and some of the booktalk scripts weren't my style or I didn't like the book it was about. But, there are some excellent ideas and resources on how to integrate multimedia into your booktalks. And, you can take the media ideas from book and integrate them into booktalks you already do on the books you love. Another thing I like is the sections on "expanding your options" to adapt for different ages and the "resources cited" at the end of each chapter/session. If you like the books and booktalks in this book, then you've got ten booktalking sessions ready to go! Katie
Transform your booktalks to engage your audience! With multimedia infusing nearly every activity, today’s audiences from toddlers to elders expect lively, interactive presentations. Now two award-winning experts outline their kid-tested, proven models for enlivening traditional booktalks.

Get up to speed with exciting media technologies like YouTube videos, online music, PowerPoint presentations, Internet resources, and audio and video from the library collection, along with food, games, puppets, and magic or science experiments. Using these ten themed step-by-step presentations, it's easy! Quickly add whole new dimensions to the staid booktalk and

*Actively engage your young audiences
*Access ready-to-go 30-minute programs
*Present dynamic, interactive talks
*Enthrall listeners with spellbinding multimedia

Each chapter offers a complete script, along with "stage directions"—which song or film clip or web link to insert when. End-of-chapter resource lists encourage librarians to tailor the subject matter to grades 4–6 or to YA audiences. Enticing, kid-friendly themes include lightning, wishes, mummies, immigration, dreams, body parts, lies, art, names, and cats and dogs.

Children's librarians, school library media specialists, and teachers will welcome these time-saving programs. Adult and YA librarians and subject specialists will be inspired to jazz things up in their own presentations. Here's the know-how to make booktalks crackle with multimedia excitement. (Book Description)