Monday, April 14, 2008

Fundamentals of Technical Services Management

Intner, Sheila S., and Peggy Johnson. Fundamentals of Technical Services Management. ALA Fundamentals Series. Chicago, 2008. isbn 0-8389-0953-1 158 pp.

The processes for acquiring, cataloging, and preserving resources have undergone dramatic changes in the pst decade,and library technical services departments have had to evolve quickly in response. Often Librarians asked to take on technical services management roles find themselves both underprepared and without guidance from their institutions.

In this work, the authors make sense of the chaos as they examine the role and responsibilities of the technical services manager. This authoritative book:

-gives new managers the tools necessary to effectively run the technical services dept
-provides guidance on working with and evaluating staff, vendors, and department outputs
-suggests was to boost department visibility

Information contained can be applied to all library types and all practitioners benefit from this practical, step-by-step approach.