Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Complete Guide to Personal Digital Archiving

Marshall, Brianna H. Complete Guide to Personal Digital Archiving. ALA Editions, 2018. ISBN: 978-0-8389-1605-6

Whether it’s a researcher needing to cull their most important email correspondence, or an empty-nester transferring home movies and photographs to more easily shared and mixed digital formats, this book will show you how to offer assistance by helping you break down archival concepts and best practices into teachable solutions for your patrons’ projects.

Table of Contents 

Part I        Learning about Personal Digital Archives Best Practices

Chapter 1    Archiving Digital Photographs, by Sarah Severson
Chapter 2    Archiving Social Media, by Melody Condron
Chapter 3    Archiving Web Content, by Cameron Cook
Chapter 4    Archiving Audiovisual Materials, by Yvonne Ng
Chapter 5    Assess, Annotate, Export: Quick Recipes for Archiving Your Personal Digital Life, by Jamie Wittenberg and Celia Emmelhainz

Part II        Personal Digital Archives and Public and Community Audiences

Chapter 6    The Washington, DC Public Library’s Memory Lab: A Case Study, by Jaime Mears
Chapter 7    Digitizing Memories and Teaching Information Literacy in Queens, NY, by Natalie Milbrodt and Maggie Schreiner
Chapter 8    Community-Based Digital Archiving: The Plateau Peoples’ Web Portal at Washington State University, by Lotus Norton-Wisla and Michael Wynne

Part III    Personal Digital Archives and Academic Audiences

Chapter 9    Personal Digital Archives Programming at Liberal Arts Colleges, by Amy Bocko, Joanna DiPasquale, Rachel Appel, and Sarah Walden McGowan
Chapter 10    Supporting Artists’ Personal Archives, by Colin Post
Chapter 11    Personal Digital Archiving as a Bridge to Research Data Management, by Sara Mannheimer and Ryer Banta

Part IV    Social and Ethical Implications of Personal Digital Archives

Chapter 12    Avoiding a Gambit for Our Personal Archives, by Matt Schultz
Chapter 13    Digital Photos, Embedded Metadata, and Personal Privacy, by Isaiah Beard
Chapter 14    Black Folk Magic: An Autoethnography of Digitally Archiving Black Millennialhood, by Camille Thomas
Chapter 15    Absent Others: Contemporary Mourning and Digital Estates, by Angela Galvan