Monday, June 6, 2016

Forging the Future of Special Collections


Hubbard, Melissa A., Robert H. Jackson, and Arnold Hirshon (eds.) Forging the Future of Special Collection. Neal-Schuman, 2016. ISBN: 978-0-8389-1386-4 

Expanding upon the proceedings of the National Colloquium on Special Collections, this collection of essays by special collections librarians and rare book dealers and collectors offers insight into the changing world of special collections. Technology, partnerships, and the changing nature of how books are written are all covered in this look towards the future.

Table of Contents 

Preface, by Arnold Hirshon
Introduction, by Robert H. Jackson

Part I    Communities

Chapter 1    Reflections on the Meanings of Objects
E. Haven Hawley, Chair of the Special and Area Studies Collections Department at George A. Smathers Library at the University of Florida
Chapter 2    Affinities and Alliances: Thoughts on Acquisitions, Collection Development, and Donor Relations
Jim Kuhn, Joseph N. Lambert and Harold B. Schleifer Director of Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation at the University of Rochester River Campus Libraries
Chapter 3    Where Does the Collector/Donor Community See Special Collections Today?
Jon A. Lindseth
Chapter 4    Collecting Communities: The Role of Special Collections Librarians and Archivists in Creating New Life for Community-Based Collections
Melissa A. Hubbard
Chapter 5    The Role of the Auction House
Selby Kiffer, Special Collections Library at the University of Michigan
Chapter 6    Forging into the Future: Facing Digital Realities and Forecasting Endeavors for Special Collections Librarianship
Athena N. Jackson

Part II        The Enduring Object

Chapter 7    Lawrence Clark Powell Revisited: The Functions of Rare Books Today
Joel Silver, Director of the Lilly Library, Indiana University Bloomington
Chapter 8    Special Collections Libraries and the Uses of the Past (Apologies to Herbert Muller)
Paul Ruxin
Chapter 9    Everything Old Is New Again: Transformation in Special Collections
Alice Schreyer, Vice President for Collections and Library Services at the Newberry Library
Chapter 10    Special Collections and the Booksellers of Today
Tom Congalton
Chapter 11    Acknowledging the Past
Daniel De Simone, Eric Weinmann Librarian at the Folger Shakespeare Library
Chapter 12    Literary Archives: How They Have Changed and How They Are Changing
Ken Lopez
Chapter 13    Objects of Study: Special Collections in an Age of Digital Scholarship
Stephen Enniss, Director of the Harry Ransom Center at the University of Texas
Part III    From Periphery to Center

Chapter 14    Considering the Present: Special Collections are the Meal, Not the Dessert

Jay Satterfield, head of Dartmouth College’s Rauner Special Collections Library
Chapter 15    Teaching with Special Collections
Christoph Irmscher, Provost Professor of English at Indiana University Bloomington
Chapter 16    From Siberia to Shangri-La
Sarah Thomas, Vice President for the Harvard Library and the Roy E. Larsen Librarian of Harvard College
Chapter 17    The Once and Future Special Collections
Mark Dimunation, Chief of the Rare Book and Special Collections Division, Library of Congress