Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Organizing Information

Houston, Cynthia. Organizing Information in School Libraries: Basic Principles and New Rules. Santa Barbara, CA: Libraries Unlimited, 2016. ISBN: 978-1-4408-3686-2

Publisher's Description
Covering both classification and cataloging principles as well as procedures relevant to school libraries, this book provides a teaching kit for a course on this critical subject that includes content and practice exercises.

A valuable resource for instructors in LIS programs who teach courses in cataloguing with an emphasis on school libraries, this textbook explains the nuts and bolts of classification and cataloging as well as the functionality of integrated library systems and how these systems critically serve the mission of the school. Author Cynthia Houston covers Web 2.0 and the social networking features of these systems as well as examining in detail the principles and procedures for subject classification using Sears subject headings or Dewey Decimal Classification using the Sears tool.

This teaching tool kit addresses the cataloging of print materials, audiovisual materials, and electronic materials separately—but all within the specific context of the school library. It supplies a number of examples and exercises to reinforce the key concepts and skills as well as to demonstrate the real-world applications of learning concepts and procedures. Based directly on Houston's extensive experience in teaching classification and cataloging courses, the included content and practice exercises enable instructors to use this book for content, for instruction, and for providing student feedback.

  • Answers essential questions such as "What is the nature of the bibliographic universe in an electronic information age?" and "What is the relationship of my school library's catalog to the bibliographic universe?"
  • Addresses RDA standards as well as cataloguing and classification strategies for school library programs
  • Features practice exercises that readers can apply immediately for in-class use