Friday, February 5, 2016

Excellent Books for Early and Eager Readers

Excellent Books for Early and Eager Readers by Kathleen T. Isaacs. 2016. Chicago, IL: ALA Editions. 978-0-8389-1344-4.

For children, reading level and experience level are not always the same. Eager readers are often interested in ideas and topics that seem advanced, but situations and subjects that sixth graders can handle with aplomb may be emotionally confusing for a younger child. Early and eager readers deserve stories they can get into, information that’s challenging and up-to-date, and ideas that are new and stimulating, all while remaining age appropriate. Here, children’s lit expert Isaacs offers 300 book recommendations for early able readers ages 4–10, honing in on writing that will challenge but not frustrate young readers. Assisting librarians, teachers, and caregivers, this resource
  • provides recommended titles both old and new in a multitude of genres, including short stories, mystery, fantasy, adventure, picture books, poetry, historical fiction, classics, biography, folklore, mythology, fairy tales, animal fantasy, and nonfiction;
  • offers guidance on steering kids towards the best books for their age;
  • points to resources for finding quality books; and
  • includes an extensive index for locating titles, authors, and themes quickly.
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