Monday, August 31, 2015

The Complete Guide to Acquisitions Management, 2nd edition


Wilkinson, Frances C., Linda K. Lewis, and Rebecca L. Lubas. The Complete Guide to Acquisitions Management. 2nd edition. Libraries Unlimited, 2015. ISBN: 978-1-61069-713-2

Since the last edition of this text was published over a decade ago, library acquisitions practices have changed dramatically in response to economic and industry changes and the introduction and maturation of new technologies. An essential tool kit, this updated edition covers every aspect of current acquisitions management from organization of acquisitions departments to professional ethics. It also covers what's new in integrated library systems, electronic resource management, and patron- and demand-driven acquisitions.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Organization of Acquisitions Departments
Chapter 2: Navigating the Publishing Industry
Chapter 3: Vendor Services: Outsourcing
Chapter 4: Acquisitions Systems
Chapter 5: Acquiring Monographic Content
Chapter 6: Acquiring Used and Antiquarian Material
Chapter 7: Acquiring Continuing and Electronic Resources
Chapter 8: Gift and Exchange Programs
Chapter 9: Selection and Evaluation: The Art of the RFP
Chapter 10: Decisions of Permanence
Chapter 11: Professional Ethics
Chapter 12: Acquisitions as the Gateway: Selection, Discovery and Delivery

  • Appendix A: Automated Acquisitions Systems
    Appendix B: Conferences and Seminars
    Appendix C: Electronic Discussion Lists
    Appendix D: Internet Sites Related to Acquisitions
    Appendix E: Journals Related to Acquisitions
    Appendix F: Organizations
    Appendix G: Reference Tools