Friday, October 31, 2014


Howard, Marshall. Let’s Have Lunch Together: How to Reach Out and Build More Powerful Relationships. U.S.A.: King’s Road Press, 2005. 813.6 Howar  ISBN 978-0977395408

This learning novel reveals the secrets and how-to's that turn boards and supporters into legions of powerful mission partners. Imagine having more influential, well-connected volunteers on your fundraising team. Imagine generating millions without spending a ton of extra time, money or making big changes. Follow the story of Oscar, an Executive Director who tries everything to move his organization to the next level. Oscar could easily raise a lot more money and get more of what he wants. He's smart, works hard and is deeply ommitted. There's one thing stopping him: Oscar can't build strong relationships with enough of the right people He thought he knew all about relationships - until things took a downturn. He needed answers quickly and discovered the secrets to more powerful partnerships. Now, his organization and his life are on the upswing.
Reviewers say
“This little book is full of golden nuggets that make a big difference, exceptionally beneficial for the seasoned veteran and the novice fundraiser. In a few hours, read this fast-paced story and learn the how-to's of power relationships. Most fun I have ever had being trained, captured my heart, then my mind.” Tim Reese, Executive Director, Cal-Nev Community Action Partnership.  
“Made me re-think the way I do things, gave me the how-to's. It is required reading in our fundraising courses.” Dr. Matthew Jendian, Ph.D., Amer. Humanics, CSU Fresno