Monday, November 25, 2013

The Information Behavior of a New Generation: Children and Teens in the 21st Century

Jamshid Beheshti and Andrew Large (eds.). The Information Behavior of a New Generation: Children and Teens in the 21st Century. Scarecrow Press, 2013. ISBN: 978-0-8108-8594-3

Contributors with backgrounds in educational psychology, computer science, education, and information studies offer essays on models of information behavior, cognitive development of youth, information literacy, cyber-bullying, gaming, and current and future systems. The hope is that this book will help build a more in-depth understanding of children's and teens information behavior.

Table of Contents:
Introduction Andrew Large and Jamshid Beheshti
Chapter 1: Concepts, Propositions, Models and Theories in Information Behavior Research Charles Cole
Chapter 2: Cognitive Development and Information Behavior James P. Byrnes & Matthew L. Bernacki
Chapter 3: Information Literacy Leanne Bowler & Valerie Nesset
Chapter 4: Everyday Life Information Behavior of Young People June Abbas & Denise E. Agosto
Chapter 5: Digital Age Libraries and Youth: Learning Labs, Literacy Leaders, Radical Resources Eliza T. Dresang
Chapter 6: Youth and Online Social Networking: What Do We Know So Far? Denise E. Agosto & June Abbas
Chapter 7: Gaming and Virtual Environments Giovanni Vincenti
Chapter 8: Everyday Life Information in Support of Enhanced Quality of Life for Young Adults with Intellectual Disabilities Dana Hanson-Baldauf
Chapter 9: Defining the Line on Cyber-bullying:How youth encounter and distribute demeaning information Shaheen Shariff
Chapter 10: Systems Jamshid Beheshti & Andrew Large
Chapter 11: The Future Jamshid Beheshti & Andrew Large