Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Coming Soon! A Basic Music Library: Essential Scores and Sound Recordings

A Basic Music Library: Essential Scores and Sound Recordings 
A Basic Music Library: Essential Scores and Sound Recordings, Fourth Edition
Compiled by the Music Library Association. Chicago: ALA Editions, 2013.
ISBN: 978-0-8389-1039-9 (Published Spring 2013)
This is an expensive reference title that some libraries may not be able to afford, so we wanted to alert the library community that this title will be part of the LIS collection. It is not yet published, but will be added to the State Library's collection when available.

Need help expanding your music collection? The 4th edition of this classic reference source is prepared by expert members of the Music Library Association. It provides lists of records in the following musical areas:

  • Classical music (organized by genre, composer, and title)
  • Popular music (organized by genre and artist)
  • World music (organized by geographic area, genre, and artist)
This edition also includes CDs, DVDs, and songbooks combined with printed music. Printed scores cover performance of all music genres by all instruments, voices, and ensembles and include anthologies, study scores, performing renditions, vocal scores, and instrumental methods of studies.