Monday, November 19, 2012

The PARENT Approach (book)

Warren, J.W. (2008). The P.A.R.E.N.T. Approach: How to Teach Young Moms & Dads the Art and Skills of Parenting. Buena Park, CA: Morning Glory Press.

Addressing the challenges of helping school-age parents improve their parenting skills, this useful guide covers strategies and techniques that can be applied to various curricula and encompass all aspects of child rearing, including healthy pregnancy and delivery, proper nutrition and care, the importance of dual parental involvement, and that special postnatal time when the teen may be alone with her baby. Filled with learning activities and how to deploy them in the field, this resource will teach young parents life-long skills in literacy, discipline, and health.

Each chapter includes a reprint of the activities for one chapter in one of the Comprehensive Curriculum Notebooks. Each offers specific and separate suggestions for using these activities, suggestions for you whether you are:
• Teaching in the classroom
• Working with Independent Study students
• Leading a not-for-credit group of young parents
• Teaching through home visits with teen parents

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*This book is used by many programs for teen parents in Oregon.