Monday, June 27, 2011

A Strong Future for Public Library Use and Employment

Griffiths, Jose-Marie and King, Donald W. A Strong Future for Public Library Use and Employment. Chicago: ALA, 2011. 025.5874 Griff ISBN 978-0-8389-3588-0

The latest and most comprehensive assessment of public librarians' education and career paths to date, this important volume reports on a large-scale research project performed by authors Jose-Marie Griffiths and Donald W. King. Presented in collaboration with the Office for Research and Statistics (ORS), the book includes an examination of trends in public library employment, such as: Staff structure and educational level of staff, Outsourcing of library functions and Quality-of-life and quality-of-service assessment. This book serves as a crucial guide to public library administrators as they plan for staffing in years to come.