Friday, April 22, 2011

Homework Help from the Library: In Person and Online

Intner, Carol F. Homework Help from the Library: In Person and Online. Chicago: ALA Editions, 2011. ISBN: 978-0-8389-1046-7

Publisher's Description:
Children’s and young adult librarians are crucial links to effective learning for students. This straightforward handbook is filled with nuts-and-bolts advice on the best ways to help young people with their homework, no matter what the assignment. Carol F. Intner, a certified English teacher and experienced tutor, concentrates on the practical, covering
  • How students’ different learning styles and current technology inform the homework process
  • Staff training and community outreach
  • Options for working more closely with both students and teachers
From planning a customized homework-help agenda to demonstrating how to help students successfully use their technological savvy in ways not necessarily possible at home, this book presents a no-nonsense, comprehensive approach to giving students the assistance they need.

Chapter Titles:
{1} Background: Homework Help as the Confluence of Information Services and Education
{2} First Steps: Planning Your Homework Help Menu of Services
{3} Staff Training and Professional Development
{4} Technology in the Library for Homework Help
{5} Technology from Remote Locations for Homework Help
{6} Answering Homework Queries and Interacting with Students
{7} Troubleshooting
{8} Marketing Your Homework Help Services
{9} Evaluating Your Homework Help Program

To preview a portion of the book, see the publisher's site.

The author references the "seminal" Creating the Full-Service Homework Center in Your Library by Cindy Mediavilla. That book is also available from the Oregon State Library.