Friday, March 4, 2011

Reflective Teaching Reflective Learning

Booth, Char. Reflective Teaching Reflective Learning. Chicago: ALA, 2011. 028.7071 Booth ISBN 978-0-8389-1052-8
Char Booth, an avid library education and technology advocate, introduces a series of concepts that will empower readers at any level of experience to become better designers and presenters, as well as building their confidence and satisfaction as library educators. Laying the foundation for effective teaching, Booth outlines a four-part framework of Instructional Literacy, which includes:

· Reflective Practice: tools for improving learning in the moment and developing a teacher identity, as well as approaches to collaboration and creating communities of practice
· Educational Theory: evidence-based strategies in learning and instructional research
· Teaching Technologies: evaluating and integrating technology in learning using a practical “toolkit” approach
· Instructional Design: a systematic and outcomes-based strategy for developing and assessing learning experiences

This foundation is supplemented by the USER Method, a step-by-step approach to creating learner-focused instruction. Tailored to library contexts, USER walks readers through understanding an instructional scenario, structuring content, engaging learners, and reflecting on outcomes. Also included are templates for instructional planning and technology evaluation, as well as practical advice and scenarios from those working in the field.