Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Read-Aloud Handbook (book)

Trelease, J. (2006). The Read-Aloud Handbook (6th ed.). New York: Penguin Books.

Every child can become an avid reader, and in The Read-Aloud Handbook Jim Trelease shows how to make it happen. In this beloved, enduring guide, Trelease shares his inspiring message, backed by delightful anecdotes as well as the research, and
  • explains how reading aloud awakens children's imaginations and improves their language skills
  • shows how to begin reading aloud and which books to choose
  • suggests ways to create reader-friendly hone, classroom, and library environments
  • gives tips on luring children away from the television
  • shows how to integrate silent reading with read-aloud sessions
  • shares valuable lessons from Oprah's Book Club, the Harry Potter books, and the Internet
  • includes a chapter of stories and testimonials from parents and teachers
  • offers a treasury of 1,000 books that are great for reading aloud--from picture books to novels--and highlights some of Trelease's favorites by theme
This edition of Trelease's Handbook invites a new generation of parents, teachers, grandparents, and siblings to discover the rewards--and the importance--of reading aloud to children.
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