Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Critical Approaches to Young Adult Literature (book)

Latrobe, K.H. & Drury, J. (2009). Critical approaches to young adult literature. New York: Neal-Schuman.

With today’s digital natives, educators face new challenges in guiding young adults to discovery of the critical thinking and enjoyment that comes from lifelong literacy not to mention simply reading simply for pleasure. For anyone seeking to hone their skills as a guide to YA reading, Latrobe and Drury give you a theoretical basis for your programming with cogent explanations of eight critical theories of literature:

• New Criticism/Formal Criticism
• Psychological Criticism
• Sociological Criticism: Relationships in Context
• Historical Criticism
• Gender Criticism: Opposite Sexes or Neighboring Sexes?
• Archetypal/Mythological Criticism
• Popular Culture and Criticism
• Reader-Response: A Unique Literary Event

Critical Approaches to Young Adult Literature is for librarians in school and public libraries (plus their colleagues across the curriculum) who strive for collections and programming that elicit thoughtful responses and build higher-level literacy skills across grades 6–12. The authors explore all facets of creating a vibrant YA reading community such as inquiry-based learning, promoting and motivating reading, collection management, understanding multiple intelligences, accepting diverse beliefs, and acting as a change agent to name a few. Latrobe and Drury also provide basic questions designed to involve young people, activities to encourage critical responses and bibliographies of YA books with annotations. (book description)