Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A is for Almanac

Garvin, Susan L., and Annie Weissman. A is for Almanac: Complete Lessons to Teach the Use of Reference Sources in Grades K-6. New York: Neal-Schuman Publishers, 2008. ISBN 1-55570-623-1

The product description provides a good summary of what this book offers: Chock-full of [almost 200] librarian-perfected lessons and worksheets, this book and accompanying CD contain ready-to-go lesson plans, worksheets, activities, and more for teaching students how to use both print and electronic atlases, almanacs, dictionaries, online catalogs, and encyclopedias. You'll find lessons for each grade level, emphasizing either science or social studies. And each lesson has been developed using Madeline Hunter's EEI (Essential Elements of Instruction) lesson plan format. Lessons are well scaffolded for grade-to-grade continuity and the authors have even included high-interest games and contests to engage and motivate students. Designed to encourage collaboration between librarians and classroom teachers, the lessons can be easily correlated to state and district standards. The accompanying CD includes all of the worksheets, games, and contests, as well as posters for your library…all of which can be customized for your own collection, library layout, call numbers, and curriculum.

Library Media Connection Review:
This is a valuable turnkey teaching tool for media specialists -- especially those with little time to prepare lesson plans. Highly recommended.