Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fundamentals of Collection Development and Management. 2nd Edition

Johnson, Peggy. Fundamentals of Collection Development and Management. 2nd Edition. Chicago: ALA, 2009. 025.21 Johns 2nd Ed. isbn978-0-8389-0972-0

In recent years, books about electronic resources have greatly outnumbered those covering collection development. Fortunately, Johnson has answered this shortcoming. In nine chapters, she covers the entire field of collection development, from its history to collection analysis to marketing. She succinctly discusses ways to organize and staff for selection, how to write collection plans and budgets, how to manage collections, and how to set up cooperative collection plans with other libraries. The book closes with an appendix listing selection aids, a glossary, and an index of names and subjects. Invaluable to library students and beginning librarians, this book also has helpful ideas and information for even seasoned collections librarians.