Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Managing Budgets and Finances: A How-To-Do-It Manual

Hallam, Arlita W. and Dalston, Teresa R. Managing Budgets and Finances: A How-To-Do-It Manual. New York, Neal-Schuman, 2007, isbn 1-55570-519-7 025.11 Halla
From Booklist
This budgeting manual, another in the Neal-Schuman group of How-To-Do-It guides, offers the new or seasoned library administrators, board members, department heads, or finance professionals a way to budget carefully and clearly by offering a variety of strategies, definitions, and suggestions. The manual is divided into three parts: basics for librarians, special topics in financial management for libraries, and alternative library funding. Each chapter is divided into an overview, subtopic, and a summary. Definitions of terms, examples of reports, sources, and detailed steps in budget preparation are just some of the helpful aspects of this book. Special topics include outsourcing, capital projects, contracts, and RFP. The appendixes include a sample accounting manual, annual report, and RFP. This practical tool will enable readers to understand and prepare a budget, understand the fiscal matters, and be able to make decisions on funding or managing a capital project.

"...easy-to-understand...the nuts and bolts of budgets, including auditing processes, fund allocations, capital projects, insurance, and sources of funding." --American Libraries