Monday, October 22, 2007

Best Books for Young Adults (book)

Koelling, H. (2007). Best books for young adults (3rd Ed.). Chicago: American Library Association.

From the jacket:

The new third edition continues to be the most comprehensive and effective reference for great reading for young adults, including

  • Annotated lists of the the YA books extending back to 1966, indexed by author and title
  • Background on the history and procedures of the BBYA Committee
  • A recap of the current trends in teen literature as reflected in the past decade of BBYA lists
  • Twenty-seven themed and annotated reproducible book lists, perfect for readers’ advisory with teens, parents, and teachers or for collection development.

Themed lists include:

Abuse: Physical and Psychological; American Historical Fiction; Challenges: Physical and Psychological; Family in Crisis; Family Redefined; Fantasy: Dark and Light; Friendship; Humor; Identity, Image, and Acceptance; Loss, Grief, and Recovery; Love and Romance; Mystery and Crime; Retellings: Old Stories Made New; Science Fiction; Short Stories; Stories Creatively Told; The Teen Social Experience; World Historical Fiction; The World in Conflict

Adventure and Survival; The American Ethnic Experience; Social and Environmental Issues and Activism; Sports and Competition

Biography, Autobiography, and Memoir; Exceptional Women; Fascinating True Stories; The World in Conflict: Past and Present