Monday, September 10, 2012

Complete Copyright for K-12 Librarians and Educators

Russell, Carrie. Complete Copyright for K-12 Librarians and Educators. Chicago: ALA, 2012.
  346.7304 Russe, ISBN 978-0838910832

From the publisher:School librarians and educators have specific copyright questions that are often glossed over in larger books on the subject. Now, thanks to best-selling copyright authority Carrie Russell, there’s a resource just for them, offering clear guidance for providing materials to students while carefully observing copyright law. Using whimsical illustrations so well known from Complete Copyright, Russell

  • Offers detailed advice on the distinctive issues of intellectual property in the school setting
  • Explores scenarios often encountered by educators, such as using copyrighted material in school plays, band and orchestra performances, bulletin board displays, and student participation in social media
  • Precisely defines “fair use,” empowering readers by showing exactly what’s possible within the law
Balancing intellectual property law with the rights of school librarians and educators will be a snap with an assist from Complete Copyright for K–12 Librarians and Educators.