Friday, September 24, 2010

Sears: Lista de Encabezamientos de Materia/ List of Subject Headings (Sears List of Subject Headings) (Spanish Edition)

Sears: Lista de Encabezamientos de Materia/ List of Subject Headings (Sears List of Subject Headings) (Spanish Edition). New York: H.W. Wilson, 2008. 025.49 Sears Spanish Version c.1 ISBN 978-0-8242-1058-8
This new Spanish-language thesaurus is an adaptation of the renowned Sears List of Subject Headings providing Spanish subject authorities for bibliographic control of books and other library materials It features over 9,000 subject headings and hundreds of general references with instructions for adding new headings as needed.
• Libraries can catalog Spanish or English materials with correct Spanish subject headings.
• Helps librarians serve their Spanish-speaking patrons by giving user-friendly subject access to their collections
Practical Tool for Libraries Serving Spanish-Speaking Populations
Sears: Lista de Encabezamientos de Materia includes:
• Every heading in the new 19th edition of the Sears List, translated according to the most current Spanish and Latin American usage. Even headings of specifically North American interest have been translated, to facilitate the application of Spanish subject access to English-language materials in the United States and Canada.
• Many headings of special interest to Spanish speakers, as well as hundreds of examples of Latin American national and geographic descriptors.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Young Adult Literature (book)

Cart, M. (2010). Young Adult Literature from Romance to Realism. Chicago, IL: American Library Association.

Today’s young adult literature is every bit as complex as the audience it’s written for, unflinchingly addressing such topics as homosexuality, mental illness, AIDS and drug abuse. In this much expanded revision of his 1996 book, veteran author Michael Cart shows how the best of contemporary YA lit has evolved to tackle such daunting subjects without resorting to sensationalism. He brings his historical survey of this category fully up to date, covering its explosive growth in the past decade, and advocating that librarians and teachers look beyond romance and horror when advising young adults. This survey helps YA librarians who want to freshen up their readers’ advisory skills, teachers who use novels in the classroom, and adult services librarians who increasingly find themselves addressing the queries of teen patrons by covering the
  • Reading habits of today’s teens
  • Influence of new technologies and formats
  • New YA lit awards
This insightful and often humorous work presents the evolution of YA lit in an appealing way, making it equally useful for students of literary studies. You’ll definitely update your recommended “to read” lists after a spin through Cart’s advisory. (book description)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

2010 ALA-APA Salary Survey: Librarian- Public and Academic

2010 ALA-APA Salary Survey: Librarian- Public and Academic. Chicago: ALA, 2010. 331.2810232 ALA 2010 ed. ISBN 0-8389-8543-4

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gay and Lesbian Library Service

Gough, Cal and Ellen Greenblatt, eds. Gay and Lesbian Library Service. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Co, Inc., 1990 ISBN 0-89950-535-X 026.30590664 Gay
16 main chapters: Key issues in collection development; school, academic and public libraries; special collections and archives; LC subject heads, bibliographic control; patron services, library exhibits; reference works, periodicals, censorship, AIDS information; library service bibliography. And 16 appendices: core collection, checklist of bibliographies, filmography, discography, gay/lesbian plays, list of famous gays, evaluating YA material; directories of publishers, bookstores, special collections, professional groups; a library use guide, bibliography of AIDS bibliographies, AIDS filmography, ALA policy documents.