Monday, July 9, 2007

New books - business and buildings

Bergart, Robin, and Vivian Lewis. Sudden Selector's Guide to Business Resources. ALA 2007. 025.218769 Berga ISBN 0-8389-8414-2
This guide to the literature of business is designed to equip the new business librarian with solid advice, and acquaint them with the tools, resources, people and organizations for collection development.

McCarthy, Richard C. Managing Your Library Construction Project: a step-by-step guide. ALA 2007.
727.80973 McCar ISBN 0-8389-0931-0
McCarthy is an architect with in-depth expertise building libraries as well as an eighteen-year veteran library trustee. He communicates the challenges and opportunities from both sides of the table. This authoritative overview is filled with practical advice for understanding key relationships and managing a complex process. Library directors, professionals, administrators, and trustees will learn what the responsibilities are on both sides. Checklists and sample construction documents provide hands-on insights into the best practices in library construction. McCarthy explains the entire process, from deciding on new construction and analyzing the site to working with architects to evaluating the process and assessing the building's effectiveness.